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The following is a partial list of books, documentaries and  Hollywood films 

that may be helpful in understanding the commercial sex industry. 


  • Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd

  • Not For Sale by David Batstone

  • On the Threshold of Hope by Diane Langberg

  • Paid For: My Journey through Prostitution by Rachel Moran

  • From Rubble to Royalty by Tammy Kennedy

  • Terrify No More by Gary Haugen

  • The White Umbrella by Mary Frances Bowley

  • Fierce Compassion by Kathryn and Kristin Wong

  • God in a Brothel by Daniel Walker

  • A League of Dangerous Women by Mary Frances Bowley

  • The Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen

  • The Johns by Victor Malarek

  • The Natashas by Victor Malarek

  • Sold by Patricia McCormack

  • Rescuing Hope by Susan Norris


       Hollywood films:

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