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Jail Outreach Team

Holding Hands

Most women caught up in the life of prostitution will be arrested at some point in their lives.

For many, this will be their only way out.


If our help is requested, team members will visit on a weekly basis.

Upon release, that individual will have the opportunity

to come with us and begin the journey of healing.


Approved and trained volunteers visit women in the Bibb County Jail in teams of two.

This is an awesome opportunity to cultivate relationships by visiting and writing letters,

and ultimately be a source of hope and encouragement.


If you also serve on the RESCUE TEAM, you will have the first option of being at the jail

when this precious woman is released to be transported to safety!


The team is only for female volunteers and must be at least 21 years of age.


Members must be able to commit to at least twice per month for jail visitations.


The full Out of Darkness training is required in order to join the Jail Outreach Team,

and volunteers are required to submit an Out of Darkness volunteer application.

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