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“Hope waits but it does not stand still.

It strains with eager anticipation

to see what may be coming on the horizon.”

Dr. Dan Allender, The Allender Center at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

Transition Home

        Out of Darkness currently offers two steps in the restoration process to provide support for women

through the safe house as step one and placement in long term care as step two.

        Over time we have become aware that a portion of the women who complete the long-term program do not feel adequately equipped for full independent living and therefore often relapse. While living at their program, their housing, food, transportation and all expenses are taken care of.  Most women have no savings available to start again on their own.


        Money management was cited as a chief concern, and returning to their home is often not an option.

In this new community the women will typically not have dependable contacts, encouraging friends or a positive support system.


        The proposed transitional home will serve as step three to fill this gap and provide the additional support for the women to gain skills and confidence as they move gradually toward independent living.


        The vision is to have a home environment with support staff and volunteers to guide residents through phases individually programmed for each woman.  Living together will help alleviate loneliness and will provide opportunities for accountability.  Our desire is for each woman to have a mentor who will commit to walk beside her on this journey.

          Real estate estimates for the cost of purchasing a home range from $125,000 to $150,000.  Estimations are that it will cost approximately $125,000 to operate it annually.

        To date, $80,000 has been raised along with a ¼ of the monthly income needed for operations.  If you would like to contribute toward the cost of the house or become a monthly partner for operations to run the home, please use the link below to donate towards this much needed Transitional Home.