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Princess Night

Several Friday evenings each month,  Princess Night volunteers share a message of God’s love, hope, and restoration with every  Precious Princess that we encounter.


Through consistent outreach we build relationships and establish trust, ultimately offering each woman an opportunity to  escape the bondage of sex slavery and embrace physical and spiritual freedom.

Adopt A Block

Adopt-a-Block takes place on the last Saturday following Princess Night of each month. 


Volunteers share a message of God’s love, hope, and restoration with every  precious man, woman or child  that we encounter by visiting hotels and other areas where trafficking takes place. 

Jail Team

Most women caught up in the life of prostitution will be arrested at some point in their lives.


For many, this will be the only way out. If our help is requested, we will visit on a weekly basis, and upon release, that individual will have the opportunity to come with us and begin the journey of healing.


Approved and trained volunteers visit women in the Bibb County Jail in teams of two. You have an awesome opportunity to cultivate a relationship by visiting and writing letters, and ultimately be a source of hope and encouragement.

Rescue Team

We operate a 24/7 rescue hotline that can be called any time day or night by anyone wanting help leaving “the life.”


Once a call is received, our Hotline Team Responders coordinate a Rescue Team to go pick the Princess up in a safe meeting location and transport her to one of our safe homes.


Each Rescue Team consists of one man and one woman that will ride together to pick up the Princess and drive to a safe home. The man’s role is to drive and be in prayer the whole time while the woman Rescue Team member sits in the back seat with the Princess to provide comfort and encouragement.

Hot Line

We operate a 24/7 rescue hotline that can be called any time day or night by anyone wanting help leaving “the life.”


The hotline responders are volunteers who have been trained to answer calls, assess each situation, offer encouragement, and walk through a brief intake process.


If the caller is interested in coming into our program, our hotline responders then work to coordinate with a Rescue Team to pick up and transport her to one of our safe homes.

Truck Stop

Truck stop outreach was the first outreach that the Middle Georgia Chapter launched. 

This outreach is different from the other missions of OOD meaning we talk to truck drivers about human trafficking. 


Truck drivers are the eyes and ears of the highway. 


Many victims are forced to sell themselves at truck stops. 


Volunteers give the truck drivers information from an organization called Truckers Against Trafficking (www.truckersagainsttrafficking.org). 

Medical Professionals Training

This team raises awareness and provides education for emergency room staff, first responders, medical and nursing students, rape crisis centers, urgent and other primary care providers.


On how to identify victims of trafficking and what resources are available for them to utilize if they suspect a trafficking victim.  


A study done found that 80%? of human trafficking victims encounter someone in the medical field while in captivity, many unidentified.

Club Outreach

Club Outreach is an incredible opportunity to meet women where they are showing them the love of Christ. 


Volunteers go into a Middle Georgia strip club several times a year sharing gifts, handwritten cards with our hotline number, hugs, tears and prayers. 


Many relationships have been built during the past three years. 

Transition Home

     A transition home will serve as step three to fill this gap and provide the additional support for the women to gain skills and confidence as they move gradually toward independent living.


     We envision a home environment with support staff and volunteers to guide residents through phases individually programmed for each woman. Living together will help alleviate loneliness and provide opportunities for accountability.  Our desire is for each woman to have a mentor who will commit to walk beside her on this journey.