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Next Meeting is July 19, 2021 

Outreach Team Meetings 

Outreach Team Meetings are held quarterly immediately following that month's meeting.  See Team Leaders for specific outreaches for more information.

Monthly Meetings

Out of Darkness Middle Georgia chapter meetings are currently being held on the 3rd Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m.   Due to the coronavirus, we have changed this meeting to an online format to protect chapter members.  Please contact us if you want to attend this meeting and we will send you a log in link.

News & Events

Beacon of Light

Renauta Everett was presented with the Beacon of Light Award from Victoria's Lighthouse on January 11, 2019.   

Out of Darkness Middle Georgia attendees to the Beacon of Hope Awards ceremony presented by Victoria's Lighthouse

Training Sessions

Team Introductions at Middle Georgia Training Session

Worship during the Opening Session

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Atlanta and Middle Georgia Out of Darkness team members conducted  training in Vidalia, Georgia

for those interested in reaching, rescuing, and restoring victims

in their area.   

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Karmen Melvin shared her experiences with those attending the Vidalia, Georgia training.

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Cynthia Smith and Judy Hamilton from Out of Darkness Middle Georgia conduct an Ambassador's break out session at the Vidalia, Georgia training.